Photos of Rachael Kanini whose body was dumped in Kamulu together with her Nigerian Husband


People of Joska and Kamulu are shocked after waking up to find the bodies of Rachael Kanini and her Nigerian husband in a sack.The two disappeared from their home a week ago.Kanini’s relatives reported the matter and police started searching for them only to be found in sacks in Kamulu.

Rachael Kanini aka Kaniss and her Nigerian Husband Omodollar were Kidnapped on Sunday afternoon and their bodies were found in Sacks on Tuesday night along Josnah rd, Kamulu, Machakos County.Rachel has been living with her husband in Nairobi for 10 years, she likes posting her photos on Instagram showing how good life is. The Nigerian husband had been financing her lifestyle.

It’s not clear what her Nigerian husband does for a living,but he is loaded.The two live in a house paying rent of more than Khs 60,000 per month.