Busia Man demolishes house he build for his girlfriend’s parents after they rejected his marriage proposal (Photos)


There was drama in Busia after a middle aged man demolished a house he build for his girlfriend’s parents.Mr Wekesa has built a house worth Ksh 4 million for his girlfriend’s parents to please them. He took a loan to build the house so as to show his girlfriend that he loves her so much.

When Wekesa travelled to Western Kenya to ask for blessings from the parent, for him it didn’t occur that they will reject his proposal. The parents told him he is not fit for their daughter.Wekesa does not have a home, he has zero investments. The questions how he makes decisions. “How can you build for us a home yet you don’t have a home where our daughter is coming to live?”,the lady’s father asked.

Dejected, Wekesa drove off and came with a caterpillar which demolished the Ksh 4 million house he had built.

Below is the photo of the house: