How to know that a man has big manhood just by looking at him


There is a way you can look at a man and know that he has a big manhood even before you sleep with him. Here are the things to look at to determine that a man’s manhood is big.

  • He is slim and tall

Slim and tall guys have big manhood. The manhood is proportional to their height.

  • Naturally masculine

If a person doesn’t go to the gym but he is naturally masculine, there are high chances he has a big manhood.

  • Look at his fingers

If a man has tall fingers, there are high chances his manhood is also big. It’s hard to find someone with small fingers having a big manhood.

  • Legs

Look at the foot and the size of his shoes. Men wearing size 43 and above normally have big manhood.

If you spot any of the above signs, then conclude that his manhood is big.