9 things you didn’t know about Brian Chira,the HIV positive Tiktoker who makes Ksh100,000 per day


Popular actor, tiktoker and a content creator Brian Chira is the most known for his widely shared ‘’witness’’. Back in 2022, Brian rose to fame after his ‘’witness’’ video went viral on the internet where he was interviewed as a witness to an accident on the television. As a result he also expressed his love for the Kenyan content developer Andrew Kibe in 2023, this made him trend even more.

  1. Kenyan

Brian Chira is a Kenyan born in Githunguri, Kiambu County.

  • Content Creator

After his video went viral on social media, Brian later became interested in building his own digital presence by creating his contents on tiktok. Despite some challenges, he has been able to make a name for himself.

  • Actor

In 2017 Brian was the best actor during the Kenya National Drama festival.

  • Tiktoker

He has a following of over 50 thousand on his tiktok. He is known for his hilarious videos and many get inspiration from him.

  • Cross-Dresser

Unlike others, Brian puts on both the male and female clothing and he also applies make –up.

  • Raped

In an interview Brian revealed that he was invited to a party in Mombasa. He arrived earlier, hence he had to look for a place to hang around before the party began. He also revealed that he felt taken advantage of and raped by a man and later blacking out from too much drinking.

  • Raped

He was raped and infected with HIV which he learnt later. This is after his friend took him to VCT in guise of lunch.

  • Raised by Grandmother

Brian comes from a humble background, having been raised his grandmother who also has other grandchildren after their parents died. Brian’s story is a story not only of resilience but inspiration.

  • Student at Kabarak University

He is currently a student at Kabaraka University.