Jackie Matubia meets her first Bady Daddy and they did this while Blessing Lungaho cheers from a distance


Jackie Matubia was happy last week after meeting her first baby daddy Kennedy Njogu.The two talked for hours before meeting in a school where their daughter is schooling. They hugged for minutes before taking several photos while smiling.

Jackie’s daughter was graduating and she(Jackie) had invited her ex-boyfriend to attend the ceremony. After the ceremony was over, they went to a posh hotel where they ate and had good time together for hours.

Jackie Matubia is currently married to Blessing Lungaho who is reportedly broke.The two separated last month after Blessing failed to pay rent.He accuses Jackie of being too expensive. Jackie wants to live in a house of Ksh 70,000 monthly rent when her husband only wants to pay Ksh20,000.

Blessing had to pack her thing and left their rented house to a small house—he is currently living alone.