Things Kenyan men find unattractive in women


There are many things Kenyan men find unattractive in women but they won’t tell them. Below is a list of things that men find unattractive in women.

  • Skin bleaching

Men don’t like women who have bleached their skins, it’s a complete turn off. They prefer women with natural skin.

  • Nose rings

Another thing that irritates men most are nose rings. This one alone can make a man lose interest in you, but he won’t reveal to you that it was the cause.

  • Providing a list of demands when they are offering nothing

Modern men expect a woman to bring something on the table. Being beautiful is not enough. They hate a woman who wants so many things from men yet she is not offering anything.

  • Nagging woman

A woman who is always complaining and accusing a man of many things is not a good choice for any man.Men hate nagging women a lot.

  • Booty booster clothes

Men also hate women who wear booty booster clothes. These ones are complete turnoffs. They prefer women to wear clothes which portray their natural figures.

  • Women who chew jaba/miraa

Chances of a man marrying you when you chew jaba/miraa are almost zero. About 99% of men will not even date you when they know that you chew miraa.

  • Dirty women

A woman who doesn’t know how to clean herself well, someone who doesn’t know how to clean her room well is a turn off to men. Even a dirty man won’t be comfortable with a dirty woman.

  • Disrespectful women

Women who respect men don’t find it hard to find a boyfriend or a man to marry them. Men also hate women who use vulgar language.

  • Unfaithful women

A man will be unfaithful, he will cheat on his wife severally but he won’t want the wife to cheat on him. Immediately he discovers that the wife is cheating, he will dump her.

  • Women who don’t know how to cook

One reason why men marry is to find someone who can cook for them. If you don’t know how to cook, you will find it hard to keep a marriage.

  • Women who want child support but hide children from their father

Men would not want to get associated with a woman who is only interested in getting child support from a man but she is not willing to let the father see his children.

  • Women who are addicted to alcohol

If you are an addict of alcohol,you won’t find a man to marry you.The man will drink with you but he won’t marry you.