Funny reasons why Kenyan women stopped fighting over men


Previously, Kenyan women could fight over one man, each one of them wants to own the man but currently women no longer fight over men. Kenyan men are wondering what happened.

Well, one of the reasons is that nowadays women are more educated and have so many alternatives. If your wife finds you cheating, she will not fight but instead look for a man to cheat with.She will scroll through your phone and discover that you are cheating on her, she won’t ask you any question but will revenge.

Another reason is that most women have office husbands.While their men think that they are the only ones cheating,wives are comfortably cheating without the knowledge of the husbands.Even if such women discover that their men are cheating,they won’t be moved.

Financial muscles.Previously women were not financially empowered, they depended on their men for upkeep, rent and all other expenses. Leaving such men was difficult.But with the current financial empowerment of women, they don’t fear losing their men to other women because they can pay all their bills.

Women can buy love.Nowadays women can buy love from young men and live comfortably without their husbands.

Another reason is that they accepted that women are many and men are few.They can share men comfortably without fighting.