Here is a list of 10 dangerous mind games that couples play during marriage:

1. Denying sex to punish your spouse. Eventually your spouse will get tired of initiating love making and you will be the one complaining “Why don’t you touch me these days?”

2. Saying you are OK but you are not, when your spouse asks if there is anything wrong. This postpones dealing with the issue. If there is a problem, voice it.

3. Blaming your spouse for going through your phone and making that the main issue, when your spouse catches you cheating after going through your phone

4. Threatening your spouse with a divorce to scare your spouse into changing. You might get the divorce you are asking for.

5. Flirting or entertaining other people to scare your spouse into fighting for you; your spouse will perceive infidelity and it will be difficult to undo.

6. Testing your spouse with stupid ideas in the name of “I wanted to find out how you would react to see if you love me”. Your spouse’s heart is not a toy to play around with.

7. Chasing your spouse out of the house to see if he/she will leave. Your spouse might leave and never come back.

8. Provoking your spouse with inciteful words such as “Beat me if you are man enough!” to see how far you can push your spouse’s buttons. Things can get out of hand.

9. Telling your spouse to get out of “your car” during an argument, in the middle of the road, just to prove you have power. Your spouse might get out and swear never to depend on you again. That might be the day your spouse will start working to be independent from you.

10. Blaming your spouse for pushing you to behave badly. Eventually your spouse will get tired of being your scapegoat and want nothing to do with being married to someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.