This Luo Man, John Sillah Owino,faked his own death after receiving Ksh 1.5 million dowry from his US girlfriend


The story behind this obituary is of a living legend. John Sillah Owino is very much alive after acting the script of a Nigerian movie laif laif. This dude managed to meet a Kenyan lady in the USA online and fix her in his box so firmly that she agreed to marry him. She even travelled all the way to Kenya but somehow John avoided meeting her but she still went ahead to open a WhatsApp group for their wedding. Michango nini nini then John asked the treasurer to release the money to him so that he can start paying service providers.

Of course, the money drank water. But John didn’t stop there. He went ahead and printed his own obituary and made the lady a widow to a ghost she never married. He also added two songs for those who changad to sing in his memory.

John even created fake Facebook accounts which commented RIP on his account.

The lady lost Ksh 1.5 million to the romantic Luo man who is celebrating up to now.