Is Worldcoin Legit


Worldcoin is a new form of cryptocurrency which has been unveiled in Kenya. Most Kenyans have trooped to shopping malls to get registered. However, majority of the people are wondering whether Worldcoin is legit or a scam like any other scam.

From my own understanding, this is something new in the market, it has not been tested. What the owners of this Worldcoin are doing is to register as many people as possible and to get members ,they scan your eyes and give you few coins to trade with. But when you join, they will tell you to deposit some money before you get to a threshold which will allow you to withdraw your money.

Though we can’t verify whether it’s genuine or a scam,it’s important that you take caution. Spend money you are ready to lose. One thing about such products is that the first few people will benefit but in the long run if the company is not making money, others will lose their investment. This is something that’s not regulated, meaning that you are likely to lose your money.

When registering for Worldcoin, make sure you register with caution because it’s not regulated. They will capture your details and use the data for their own benefit.

Warning:Don’t spend money you are not ready to lose!