John Allan Namu Regrets spending Ksh 1.5 million loan money to impress 600 guests during his wedding


John-Allan Namu, expressed regret over the amount of money he spent on his wedding in 2010. He made the revelation that he had spent Ksh1.5 million on the event.

I took a loan to pay for part of the budget. My wife had to sell her car, and we used our savings,” the award-winning journalist divulged.

The journalist says he was young by then and naïve.He could have spent the money on other important projects like buying land or investing in a Sacco.He confesses that he didn’t even know most of his guests.

It took him more than 3 years to repay the loan.

Mwalimu King’ang’i: Na sio yeye pekee yake, tuko wengi sana! Hiyo pesa ingefanya kazi ingine.

Mike Mondo: I have dated women because they are pretty but the financial cost that came with that was a lot.