Ababu Namwamba in trouble,this is what Top Kenya Kwanza Government officials want to do to him


Sports CS Ababu Namwamba is in trouble from Kenya Kwanza politicians. Yesterday Nandi Senator Cherargei gave him a lecture in the Senate. The Senator claims that Ababu’s love for women is too much that he can’t function normally. The Senator accused the CS of favouring content creators and Tiktokers at the expense of athletes.

Cherargei claims that the CS has so far gifted his girls and content creators millions of money but only managed to gift athletes Maasai Shuka.He further revealed that Ababu does not carry fans with him abroad,he instead flies with girls who don’t know anything about sports.

Ababu created an office for content creators,he accommodated Azziad Nasenya who rose to fame through dancing on Tiktok.He later disbanded the office he created.

Since his appointment as the CS,nothing much has changed.

Following the allegations,Ababu might find himself in trouble soon.It seems he has been discussed somewhere.