Police office Kelvin Muguku now threatens to end his life after wife refused to come


Kelvin muguku may end his life soon after finding it unbearable to live without his wife. Kelvin has been enduring lonely nights for the better part of this year after chasing out his wife. The wife went and started life afresh.

Here is what Kelvin posted on his wall yesterday:

“I have tried all means to save my marriage all in vain Diana cheptoo you are my only wife and I value you much please remember how we started our journey of love from your village Njipchip

Tulipo patana nobody was in y allow third party to interfere

Our kids needs us najua uko Nairobi area between Muthaiga and Ruaraka

You have been restricted to talk to me

And this is not the best method to solve marriage problems please think about our tomorrow’s life I think you Get this message

This is the only mean I can use to reach you

I love you so much and nothing will ever change that I need you more than ever I am tired

Cjui what going on with me am confused

Kuja tulee watoto wetu

Am very sorry call me if possible”

The wife is yet to respond,it seems she moved on kitaaambo.