Shock as Man Educates Wife at Machakos University, Organizes a Wedding Only for the Wife to Leave Him for Another Man


Ronny Korir from Nakuru is in tears after paying university fee for his ex-wife Mercy Cherotich but she ended up dumping him for another man.

Korir explained that his wife left him after supporting him through university for four years.

He stated that they met Mercy in 2013 and she agreed to put him through school until they completed their studies before starting a family.

“The reason for our separation was not clear. She was studying at Machakos University, and I don’t know what led her to decide to leave me, so we parted ways in 2017. Later, I tried to find another partner but it didn’t work out, and we couldn’t get along. Whenever I’m with another lady, I still think of her; she’s always on my mind,” Korir said.

He revealed that they had already gone through a traditional marriage ceremony with Mercy, but they hadn’t been blessed with children yet.

“We met and fell in love, and she asked me to seriously commit to helping her. We started a relationship, and I met her family, and she met mine. While she was in school, she used to visit my home until her final year. I was paying her school fees; only the last semester, I didn’t pay anything,” he said.

He disclosed that after their separation, his former partner entered into another relationship but they eventually broke up.

“She found someone else, and they broke up. She contacted me and asked for forgiveness, and I told her we’d need to meet with our elders. I’ve never asked her to get back together with me because she hurt me more. We even had a traditional wedding. If it’s not possible for us to reconcile, I ask her to release me,” Korir said.

Unfortunately, their reconciliation attempt hit a dead end as Mercy turned off her phone upon hearing Korir’s name.

In response, Korir said, “Wherever she is, she should just let me go, and if I find someone else, I can move on with my life. Mercy Cherotich, I had no ill intentions towards you. I ask for forgiveness. Please release me and free my heart. Just let me go, and I’ll let you go so that we can both have better lives.”