How Fred Gitau was murdered in his room one day to his marriage


The promising young man, Fred Gitau, was scheduled to wed today at Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari. However, he was found dead in his house yesterday.

According to credible sources, Fred was dropped home by the ‘best couple’ on Thursday night. Tragically, he was discovered deceased the following morning, with foam coming out of his mouth.

Earlier in the evening, Fredrick is alleged to have texted his sister, telling her that ‘if anything ever happened to him, they should ask (undisclosed) person. Fred was a ‘prayer warrior’ at Deliverance Church. He never drank alcohol and was on the verge of becoming a pastor.

Evidently, he knew his life was in danger. The pressing question is: who wanted Fred dead and why? Coming from an affluent family and excelling in his pursuits, what might have transpired on the night of Thursday, 24th?

Apparently, Fred Gitau was locked in his house and ‘whoever’ locked him in threw the keys to his mother’s balcony. When the mother found the key the following morning, she thought his son had thrown the keys and left for church.

So, if indeed the ‘Best Couple’ dropped him home, who locked him and threw the keys to the balcony? Could they have dropped him home unconscious?

Fred’s mother was notified that there was to be a meeting at church yesterday morning that was allegedly called by his son. When she found the keys at the balcony, she thought her son had already left. She is elderly and it didn’t hit her why her son’s car was still in the parking lot.

When she arrived at the church, Fred was not there. That’s when the ‘church members’ told her it’s the son who had called for the meeting but he was not picking up the phone. She indeed called and it’s true he was not responding.

That’s when one of the church members said something was not right and suggested they drive home and check him in his house. They drove back in a convoy and they found Fred dead. No suicide notes, no evidence of tablets or anything that could suggest he ingested poison, nothing!

According to very reliable sources, Fred was doing so well and he had in fact built her mother a nice bungalow. He was a very jovial person and very close to her mother. He never showed any signs of depression or disturbance. He had put his act together.

The postmortem shall be done on Monday at KU, it will be interesting to see what the Toxicology report will come up with. Sadly, I am told that ‘dusting’ was not done at the scene of crime. This would have revealed who was the last person to touch the padlock and that door.

Normally, fingerprints can last varying amounts of time at a crime scene, depending on factors like the surface, environmental conditions, and how they were deposited. Fingerprints on smooth surfaces like glass or metal can last for weeks or even months. Assuming the scene of crime was secured and there were no cleaning efforts, finger prints can still be lifted.

In any case, the desire for answers is strong. Mama Fred is seeking closure, as she firmly believes her son met foul play.