6 Most Popular Soccer Betting Markets


Sports betting on soccer reigns among the sportsbooks’ offers. Online soccer betting occupies as much as 60% of all bets accepted by bookmakers. This article will discuss the main soccer betting markets, such as handicaps, over/under, etc., and provide some tips and betting strategies. Thanks to this, you will learn how to get the most out of sportsbooks’ offers.

Just like in other sports, there are different betting markets in soccer. Below, we will present the most popular of them so that you can choose the best ones for yourself when betting on particular soccer leagues and cups.

Handicap Bet

The concept of Handicap assumes that one team (the underdog) starts the game with a point advantage so that the other (the favourite) can catch up. 

The European Handicap is the number of goals added to one soccer team. For this Handicap, the bookmakers offer a win/draw/loss odds. Integer numbers are used to determine the level of the European Handicap, i.e., 1:0, 2:0 in favour of the home team or 0:1, 0:2, etc., in favour of the away team.

The Asian Handicap is generally the same as the European one, except if the match ends in a handicap draw (not an actual on-field tie), the bookmaker will refund the player’s stake. The Asian Handicap only has two options, not three like the European one. You can bet on a win or loss.

Over/Under Bet

Here, you can bet on the number of goals scored in a match. The bookmaker sets the odds accordingly for each goal threshold. Goal thresholds are very often half numbers, for example, 2.5. Thanks to this solution, such a wager has only two possible scenarios—type 1 or type 2 wins. If two goals are scored in the match, the first bet wins. If three goals are scored, the second bet wins.

In addition to the most popular option for betting on the number of goals scored, you can also bet on other events, like the number of yellow and red cards received by players, the number of corners, penalties, and even fouls committed a match.

Score Bet

This wager determines the game outcome. In the case of a tournament match, the draw applies to the regular time of the game (90 minutes). The match can end in three ways — the first team wins, a draw or the second team wins.

To place such a bet, you should click on the odds for the first or second team, meaning they will win. In case of a draw, choose the middle bet, which is usually marked as X.

Double Chance Bet

It is a very affordable bet that allows you to select two out of three events. It can be 1X (the first team’s win or draw), X2, or 12. The bet is won if at least one of the two events occurs.

Here is how it works. You bet on the match between teams A and B and predict, for example, 1X. The match ends with a score of 2:0 for team A. Then the bet is considered lost.

The Specific Match Outcome

Predicting a specific match result is very difficult, but it often ensures high odds. The bet implies giving the exact score in goals. There may also be versions specifying goals on one side or the score at half-time.

To make such a wager, choose a specific match outcome, for example, that team A will win against the other 3:0. If this is the result after the final whistle, you receive a generous reward.

No draw bet

It is a bet that excludes the possibility of a draw. You can bet on a specific team with slightly reduced odds, and your stake will be refunded in the event of a draw.

Four Ultimate Soccer Betting Strategies

Find out when the Europa League quarter-final draw 2023 is before you move on to the most famous soccer betting strategies. Their approach to betting and adapting their behaviour to a specific game distinguishes beginner bettors from professionals. Remember that gambling entertainment depends on luck and is not a sure way to earn money. Bet wisely and stick to your budget.

#1 Bet on Favorites

Betting on the favourites of the match is the most straightforward strategy that will statistically increase the winning percentage. Of course, there is no guarantee that the match favourites will win every time, but the probability that bookmakers will be wrong in their predictions is relatively tiny. Unfortunately, this strategy, despite its simplicity, has a significant disadvantage: low returns.

#2 Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

Betting on soccer matches can be profitable, mainly if you use the bonus offers provided by sportsbooks. Various football betting sites offer great deals, especially for newly registered players, so be sure to check them out.

#3 Make Small and Diverse Bets

Just like in investing and sports betting, it is not worth putting all your eggs in one basket. Choose a few bets on the events that seem interesting to you, analyze the statistics and history, and spread your money accordingly when betting. It reduces the chance of losing too much, as it is likely that even if one bet loses, another may win. This strategy is also suitable for bettors with a low budget.

#4 Choose the Right Bookmaker

Before placing your bets and applying one of the above strategies, it is worth analyzing the available offers and finding the best odds for the event you are interested in. When choosing the bookmaker, consider its reputation, the promotions and bonuses offered to new and regular customers, and the selection of markets and betting options (live, pre-match, specials, and others).