Meaning of Tugege


Tugege is a Kikuyu word which means someone who has a head and brain but cannot make independent decision. His decisions are always wrong and based on emotions or hatred for someone. It can also mean someone following another person blindly without knowing the destination.

The word is used against the kikuyu who voted for President William Ruto to imply that they voted out of emotions, without reasoning.

Tugege is the plural word of Kigege.

More than 3 million Kikuyu voted for President William Ruto.Majority of them did not for him because they loved his policies, but because they hated his competitor,Raila Odinga.

During the 2022 campaigns,Azimio supporters regularly referred to Ruto’s supporters from Mount Kenya as kigege.

The word does not augur well for Ruto supporters in Mount Kenya.If you refer to them as kigege,they get annoyed.