Lessons to learn from Akothee’s Divorce with a Mzungu Husband,Omosh


Kenyan socialite Akothee is having sleepless nights after being dumped by Omosh.The Mzungu husband was just having fun while Akothee was serious with the marriage.After the wedding, mosh moved to his country and left Akothee in Kenya. The singer was dumped unceremoniously.

There are lessons we can learn from this divorce.

—-All that glitters is not gold

People thought that Akothee had perfect marriage. The way they were presenting themselves to the public, we though they could live forever. We didn’t know that they had issues.

You may be envying other people’s relationship thinking that yours is not good only to discover that you are better.

—-Don’t rush issues,do due diligence

Akothee did not do due diligence. Just because Omosh was a Mzungu,she rushed to love him and hurriedly arranged for the marriage. The Mzungu was having his own intentions.

Before you rush into a relationship and eventually marriage, take your time.

—-Wazungu are not necessarily better than us

Kenyan women worship Wazungu, they always think that they treat women better than Kenyan men. From Akothee’s marriage, we can all agree that not all of them are good.

—-Don’t love someone too much

Even if you trust someone so much, even if he is too good, don’t love him too much.Akothee loved Omosh 100%,she ended up being hurt the most. Up to know, she is affected psychologically.

—-Be in good relationship with your Ex

After getting dumped by the Mzungu husband, Akothee was comforted by her ex Nelly Oaks. He will help her recover faster. This serves as a lesson to women that you should not destroy your relationship with the ex.He might be useful one day.

—-When you are successful, most people are not happy with you

When people heard that Akothee’s marriage has ended they celebrated. Very few people felt bad.This shows that when you are successful people are not happy with you but when bad things happen, they get excited.

  • Money cannot buy love

Even with all the money,Akothee didn’t manage to keep her marriage,she was divorced.You can have a lot of money but lack someone to genuinely love you.