Environment CS Soipan Tuya sues husband, seeks Ksh 525,000 monthly upkeep


Environment CS Soipan Tuya has taken her estranged husband to court seeking custody of their two children and Sh525,000 for their upkeep.

Tuya claims her estranged husband Stephen Kudate treats their children and her domestic workers with cruelty.

Tuya is also seeking an order to compel her estranged husband to pay Sh100,000 which is 50 per cent of the Sh200,000 children’s monthly entertainment needs.

She further wants the estranged husband to be compelled to pay Sh100,000 which is 50 per cent of Sh200,000 for the two children’s maintenance.

The case will be heard and determined by the court this year.

Soipan Tuya earns over Ksh 1.2 million monthly as the CS for Environment.

The CS’s net worth is Ksh 156 million