Vera Sidika New Boyfriend(Photo)


After dumping Brown Mauzo and Otile Brown, Vera Sidika has introduced a new boyfriend. The slay queen posted a photo of the new boyfriend who is yellow yellow like Brown Mauzo.The photo posted online shows the man posing without clothes in a dressing room.

The new boyfriend spent Ksh 500,000 to take Vera to Dubai where they spent 3 nights in a posh restaurant.They had good times until Vera saw it fit to introduce her to us.

Vera dumped Otile Brown for Brown Mauzo.She purposely dated Brown Mauzo because she wanted a kid from him.After giving birth she dumped him.Vera was not interested in marriage.She may get another kid with the new boyfriend and dump him too.

Vera Sidika makes money through dating rich men. She also uses the status to get endorsements from companies.Her relationships don’t last for long.She will not date the new man for more than a year.