Shocking things that will happens if you marry a woman with beards


A woman with beards is not as bad as people would imagine, she is a woman just like any other woman. Women who grow beards have more testosterone than the normal testosterone for women. Some cultures don’t allow their men from marrying women with beards because they think it’s bad omen.

In case you happen to marry a woman with beards, they might pass the genes to your children. If by chance you get a daughter and she has beards, it will be hard for her to get married. A man will avoid her because the woman is just like another man.

In some cultures they believe that if you annoy a woman with beards and she extracts one of the beards, you will die. Women with beards are highly gifted in cursing people-her curse must come true.

Other cultures believe that women with beards possess some luck. If you marry her, she will be the source of wealth. She comes to the family and all of a sudden, money starts coming and eventually you become rich.

Some men get embarrassed to walk with such women.They wonder how people will react when they tell them,”this is my wife”.Out of that fear,they don’t want to marry one.