Why you should not marry a medical doctor


Medical doctors earn a lot of money, most of them are rich, but marrying them is not a good idea—here is why:

They sleep with patients and nurses

Most doctors sleep with patients and nurses secretly. They do so especially during night shifts when it’s cold and nobody is seeing them. If you marry a doctor, you will regret because they will cheat on you properly.

They can easily kill you and get away with

Doctors know the type of drugs that can kill you slowly. If they decide to kill you, nobody will know it’s their plan. They know drugs that are dangerous, they can put it in liquids or food. Such drugs will kill you and leave no evidence behind.

They won’t have time for you

Doctors are always busy. They are people who can’t have time for you especially during the day. Even at night when you are asleep, they receive a call and rush to the hospital, leaving you in cold.

If you want a man that can give you attention, don’t marry a doctor.

They are ever serious

Doctors are ever serious, they don’t know jokes. Majority are introverts and very boring. Your marriage will be like a mourning situation.

They love their job more than you

Doctors act like their job is everything. They won’t love you more than their job. He will be there physically but emotionally he is in hospital.