List of cars Bahati Gifted Diana—where does this boy get money from?


Diana Bahati is one of the luckiest women in Kenya.In a span of 4 years,the socialite has received 4 cars as a gift from her husband Bahati.Her latest car is a Range rover worth Ksh 22 million.

Bahati is a musician who makes less than Ksh 1 million per month. In total he has gifted Diana cars worth Ksh 50 million. Are these cars real or it’s a scam?!Some of his friends claim that the car are from car hire, a business which Bahati co-owns with his wife.They display the cars to maintain relevance and get sponsored content. They arm-twist into believing that Diana is loved and that Bahati is the best husband in Kenya.

Most women in Kenya has started hating their husbands after seeing how Bahati is treating his wife.

See the types of cars Diana has allegedly received as gifts from Bahati: