Wamalwa Wipes 2kg of Ugali and 1Kg of Omena In 10 Minutes, to emerge the winner of Western Kenya eating competition


Today we have the winner of eating competition that was held in Western Kenya. Kennedy Wamalwa is the new champion. The 31-year-old managed to finish 1kg of Omena with 2kg of Ugali within 10 minutes.

The competition, which drew participants from the great Luhya Nation, saw 100 people participate. Only one man, Wamalwa emerged the winner.His closest challenger,Wekesa took 12 minutes to finish the 2kg of Ugali and Omena.

The winner of the competition took home Ksh 10,000, a hen and 10 packets of maize flour.

After winning, Wamalwa said he is optimistic that next time,he will emerge the winner by breaking his own record.