How I built a 4-bedroom Flat roof house for Ksh 3.5 million in Kenya


In 2022 I managed to complete my 4-bedroom house in Nairobi for Ksh 3.5 million only. I preferred flat roof over patched roof because I wanted a house where I could go on top of the roof and do my own things.

I didn’t have a fundi at the time but I had Ksh 4 million I had took a loan. I asked for reviews online where I got 4 fundis. None of them quoted the right figure. Luckily,one of my friends saw y post on Facebook and linked me to a fundi, he convinced me that he would do a neat job.

This was my first house; I had never built before. You know how one feels nervous when attempting something for the first time. What helped me was the opinions I got from reliable friends. One of them told me to buy materials for myself.

The first thing I did was to get a quotation from my fundi.I took that quotation of materials to a hardware shop where I made down payment of Ksh 800,000.The shop created an account for me and discounted nearly every item

We agreed with the fundi the total amount he would charge to construct the entire house. The amount was Ksh 700,000.

I went myself and purchased blocks, sand and concrete. I had contacts for suppliers. This helped me to cut costs.

The foundations cost Ksh 400,000. First floor and slab cost Ksh 500,000. From the foundation to the roof, it took me 2 months. Plastering and other finishing areas took me 2 more months. Within 4 months, I had settled in the house.

The materials in 2022 were slightly cheaper than now. I also made sure that I was present during construction to monitor any wastage. I believe I saved a lot of money, I could have spent over Ksh 5 million.

Since the materials have become more expensive, right now you will spend more than Ksh 4 million to build a 4 bedroom flat roof house.