What is Airbnb meaning in Kenya


Airbnb in Keya is a guest room where you book and pay for accommodation over a given period of time. Unlike the normal guest houses where food is cooked and served by the host, in Airbnb you cook for yourself.

Airbnb in Kenya is fully furnished, it contains high quality seats, a bed and beddings and also items for preparing meals. You are allowed to shop for food and cook in your rented Airbnb. They always provide cooking gas.

In Airbnb you can cook and live there for days, weeks or months as if it’s your own house. The owner won’t be knocking every morning to tell you to leave the building. You can even make arrangements with the host to allow you clean the room.

The cost of Airbnb is Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 10,000 per day depending on the services offered, size of the building ad location. Airbnb is often cheaper than the normal guest houses.

In Kenya, people go to Airbnb when they want to hide girlfriends from their wives. Others book to have good times with friends.