KWS has released safety tips you can use in case you come face to face with Hyena


In case you meet face to face with hyena, how do you prevent it from attacking you? KWS has provided the best tips to help you avoid any attack from hyena in case you come face to face with it.

1. Stop: Running may trigger their predatory instincts.

2. Do not lie down: Pretending to be dead can increase their curiosity.

3. Remain calm: Avoid showing fear and maintain a calm demeanor by talking to the hyena.

4. Minimize movements at night: Hyenas are nocturnal, so be cautious when moving during nighttime.

5. Face the hyena: Do not move away until it does, and continue facing its direction.

6. Stand your ground: If the hyena growls or giggles, stand your ground, but do not move closer.

7. Make noise: Be loud, look aggressive, and appear frightening to deter the hyena.