Best Courses for students with C plain in Kenya 2024/2025


This year 2024/2025 there are specific diploma courses to pursue which are even more marketable than certain degree courses. C plain may not take you to a university for a degree course but it’s definitely a good grade to take you to a rewarding career. Below we have specifically picked a list of courses to pursue in Kenya with a C plain and get a job easily or employ yourself.

  1. Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  2. Diploma in Architecture
  3. Diploma in Accounting
  4. Diploma in Animal Health and Production
  5. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  6. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  7. Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development
  8. Diploma in Education (Arts)
  9. Diploma in Education (Science)
  10. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  11. Diploma in Film Production
  12. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  13. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  14. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  15. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
  16. Diploma in Nursing
  17. Diploma in Special Needs Education
  18. Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
  19. Diploma in Mortuary Science
  20. Diploma in emergency Medical Technology
  21. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  22. Diploma in Statistics
  23. Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  24. Diploma in Procurement and supplies
  25. Diploma in Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine (Upgrading from Certificate to Diploma)

Diploma in Nursing

With a diploma in Nursing, it’s hard to be jobless in Kenya. Even if you are jobless, you can start your own clinic and make money. It’s easy to get a licence to operate a clinic when you are already a medic.

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmacy is one of the best diploma courses to pursue in Kenya. For you to run a pharmacy, you must possess a diploma or degree in pharmacy or related course.

The program takes two years only, then one is at liberty to start their own business or get employed. A Chemist will generate for you Ksh 100k and above per month if well stoked and also has regular customers.

  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Another excellent course to pursue in Kenya is diploma in electrical and electronics engineering. Technical courses like this one, plumbing and masonry are very marketable. Join college, pursue the course and start doing electrical installations and repair.

  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

You will never go wrong with this course. After graduation, you can start your own clinic where you will even do clinical procedures and surgery. The course takes up to 3 years.

  • Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Accounting will be marketable if you supplement it with a professional course like CPA, ACCA or CFA.As an accountant, you can specialize in taxation, audit, finance or accounting. Jobs are many, there are also plenty of opportunities for self-employment.