KRG The Don To Close his Club along Ngong Road


Dancehall Kenyan musician KRG The Don has announced that he will close his club along Ngong Road. Vera Launch is the club which he owns with a couple of other entrepreneurs. It was established in 2022 at a cost of Ksh 200 million.

KRG claimed that residents in the area have been complaining over the noise from the club.He also added that the sales are low, resulting to losses.Due to those challenges,he has opted to close the club until around April this year.

Sources close to him indicate that KRG has not been making money through the club.He has been using his own money to pay workers and other expenses.

The entertainer owns the club, car yard and other businesses.During one of the interviews with a local channel., he claimed that his grandmother left billions under his name. It’s the cash that he is using to maintain his lifestyle.