Shocking! Why Kenyans are blaming Ciru Muriuki for Charles Ouda’s Death


Ciru Muriuki is in the receiving end.The former BBC journalist has been blamed by many Kenyans for Charles Ouda’s death.Ciru got engaged to Ouda 7 months ago when they were both healthy and in good spirit,but this month,Ouda decided to commit suicide.

One reason why they suspect that Ciru might be the reason for his death is because the lady dated Saliva Vic six years ago.The guy also committed suicide.The two cases raise many questions.Why have the two guys decided to end their lives in the presence of Ciru.

Those close to Charles describe him as a jovial person though he loves alcohol too much.Until his death,he had not revealed anything to anyone concerning his predicaments. He was just okay.

Ciru has not spoken about Charles’ death,but she is equally shocked.