How a Kenyan man living in a Bedsitter in Poland slept with me at night and did this—here is a woman’s testimony


Stories of Kenyan men behaving badly majuu.Below is what happened to this woman in a bedsitter:

Lets talk about Kenyans behaving badly majuu. So sometime back i joined a group chat ya Kenyans once i knew i was coming to Europe. I made friends and one day a group member told me he is in Poznań, Poland. So i decided out of the blues that i will visit this particular city since there is someone from my own country who will welcome me. Since he was a student, he was staying in a nice modern hostel. He told me his room was small and had only one bed but he will talk to his female classmate and i can share my room with her but he will be responsible in showing me around. I booked my return ticket very fast and since i was going to also do vintage shopping, i even did priority booking for coming back to my country of residence.

So i won’t go into details of the journey coz it might take forever to explain coz weh arriving in a non english speaking country past midnight in the freezing cold alone was no joke (maybe i will do a separate story of the journey from the airport coz i took a train na nikajipata terminus all alone in the train, i passed my stop without knowing). I must say the local people were so helpful, they were coming up to me to see if i needed any help with directions coz everything was written in polish. I finally arrived in Poznań very late and it was the first time i felt what real winter was coz my cheeks were freezing cold. My ‘friend’ was waiting for me in Poznań and off we left to his domitory residence.

On arriving i saw a beautiful building, like a 5*hotel and inside it was cozy with a reception and all. We arrived in his room and since i was hungry, i asked if i could prepare spaghetti. Their kitchen was a shared one located outside his room along the hall, so i cooked and we ate. I asked about where i was going to sleep coz i was tired. He told me in his room, like we are going to sleep in his bed. I asked him about the arrangement with the girl but there wasn’t any. I was too tired to start looking for another place and so i told myself ok i’m going to sleep with my clothes on and next day get another place.

The guy started touching me and i said NO, he tried the whole night his luck but i refused. He became angry and told me i have to get a hotel or something. I told him i would leave in the morning but i couldn’t sleep and he didn’t speak to me afterwards. In the morning i started calling the two polish people that had helped me the previous day with directions and they started helping me to get a place.

I asked my Kenyan ‘friend’ to atleast show me a bank where i can withdraw money coz i only had euros and not the local currency (polish złoty). I withdrew the money and asked him if he can show me the vintage shop. I marked all the streets we passed coz i knew i would be returning on my own. The polish new friends i had met helped me to get a very nice hostel almost at the center and that’s how i went back to the Kenyan ‘friend’s’ place, took my bags and left.

At the hostel, there were 3 bunk beds (got the upper bed). I met very nice people who told me where i should visit, translating for me stuff in english and gave me their numbers incase i’m lost. While walking outside later on, i asked random people to take photos of me and this one particular guy seemed nice. So i asked him if he could show me around Poznań. He accepted and from 10am we walked everywhere like literally. We went to the museum (i paid for him also to show my gratitude),went to the old market square, the WW2 memorial monument and cemetery, we went to the restaurant and he showed me all their local foods. We ate, i paid and we continued walking until 9pm. He brought me back to the hostel, i bid him goodbye and he left. Like he expected nothing in return and upto date we still communicate.

That visit with him made me know Poznań inside out. I could now take walks alone even at night, take tramways to wherever i wanted etc. I messaged my Kenyan ‘friend’ and told him how weird he was and how awful to treat someone , especially a fellow citizen like that in a foreign country. Then he said “you know i would have given you fare if you were nicer to me but i only give to my mother ,my sisters and people i care about”. I literally laughed out loud. I told him im ok financially and i’ve always been independent and if anything i still have my ATM card. Imagine kama singekua na pesa this guy would have taken advantage, maybe he thought i would suffer coz my stay was for a week . Anyway, i said what i wanted to say and blocked him to this day.

At the hostel i told my new friends about that story and they were shocked. They even helped me to reserve transport back to the airport coz everything was in local language. I left poznan with contacts of people who helped me even though they weren’t obliged. Of all the countries i have visited, i found the polish to be the best. The people were so nice to me and i also aroused curiosity from the old (i think by being black) but in a nice way.

And that is how i was DONE with Kenyans. I had a prior experience but not related to this one with Kenyans and that was the last straw. But not all Kenyans are bad coz later on i met some kind hearted people. A stranger can help you out when ur in distress but your country man won’t. I learn’t to distance myself from people. People migrated with the characters they had back home.