Must Read! How this man almost ate me on when I was new in USA


Inspired by a post from another anonymous about Kenyans behaving badly majuu.

I arrived to the USA with my two sons a single mom. My host turned out to have other plans from the ones she had promised before I left Kenya(story ya siku nyingine). In short I was heading for the streets on arrival but God. After turning down this hosts plan to separate me and my kids (I’ve never understood why to this day)she connected us with another kenyan who rented us space and with the help of someone from a different state, we started paying rent from day 1.

Sasa my life picks up and I’m finally working. I needed to find an apartment. One day tukiwa Walmart a random Kenyan overhead me and the boys speaking swa. He said hello bla and we exchanged numbers. In the process of communication later on I mentioned that I’m looking for an apartment. He tells me there’s one in his neighborhood and even further tells me how lucky I was since he had a very close relationship with the apartment leasing office. They had asked him to find a good person for them.

Mimi huyooo, overjoyed since I didn’t have rental history ( very had to rent a house without one) I set a date. Tuesday nikitoka job I’ll be there before the rental office closes. Mimi huyo Tuesday I take the afternoon off even go home pick up my boys and drive to given address.

Wacha guy sees me with kids and suddenly countenance changes. Am like is everything okay?

He says we first go to his apartment briefly ndio twende rental office. He offers the kids refreshments and asks me to accompany him tukatoka nje me thinking we are going to the rental office but wapi.

Guy asks why I wasted his whole afternoon and that if I knew I was bringing the kids ningemshow so he didn’t have to waste his time.

Btw all this time I was so confused I had no clue what the problem could have been. So I asked him why my boys shouldn’t be there to see a house they are likely to be moving into.

Weh, jamaa started sijui ooh wewe ni mgeni huku na kama hivo ndio utabehave sioni ukisaidika.

My slow mind caught up. I asked him, did you like expect me to sleep with you?

Guys goes like: “Kwani ni mimi nitakua wako wa kwanza “

I can’t explain how I felt or the colors I saw within my head in an instant. Something red blue, red or whatever, an instant urge to slap him or throw up! But somehow I managed to walk back in silence opened the door and beckoned my boys to walk out. The look on my face must have told them more than I was saying coz we walked past that guy and straight to the car kama wanenyamaza.

Kiasi I thought, si ile pale rental office. I asked my boys to follow me I went in there and asked if they had a vacant apartment. I was told no but I did mention that someone (by name) told me they had one. The person I found ( a lady) asked me from which apartment number. I told her. She simply told me the name wasn’t anywhere in the lease and also mentioned there had been complaints from that apartment and I should be careful. Nikitoka akauliza are you kenyan. I said yes. She said, even the other complainant was Kenyan but something was being done about it. She did ask me if I wanted to make a formal complaint I said no and I didn’t even tell her what exactly had transpired. I just left.

Later on I did get to learn that jamaa was actually renting a room in the apartment that was leased under someone else.

Been here long enough to tell you kuna wakenya hubehave vibaya tu sana especially wakijua wewe ni mgeni in a foreign country.