My first Experience in Qatar—story of a Kenyan lady


This Kenyan lady travelled to Qatar for the first time. Here is her experience:

This was the first time I had stepped outside Africa ,also the first time I had seen skyscraper buildings .

We had gone to the malls with my bosses family y’all should hear the story behind this picture just for the laughs 😂😂😂.

Being a housemaid/nanny with an Arabic family nikuwa mboch ameomoka,I had worked as a housemanager in Kenya after highschool so I thought I had all the experience needed shock on me.

Being a first time HM in Qatar came with its challenges .

Did you know that as a nanny you will have to travel with the family everywhere they go unlike Kenya where you can be left with the kids at home or they just travel and leave you at home.

Did you know as a nanny you might have to sleep with a 1 week or few days old toddler after your boss has given birth .

This will depend with the madam if she wants to breastfeed the baby or not.

Did you know when flying you will be the one strapped with the baby just before landing and taking off.

The first time I did this I didn’t know the how infact I kept wondering why the airhostess was giving me the baby strap(someone get me the name).😂

The madam just said”carry baby”and I thought maigod I will be flying with a baby on my front I was in disbelief to say the least😧.

After shuffling with the thing with the help of the pretty hostess we were good to go regardless of the 2year old wailing in need of the mother’s comfort.

Did you know as a nanny you will learn how to wash baby bum bum the Muslim way yaani “ghasli”if you changing the diaper wherever you are you don’t just wipe it’s water lots of water then you dry the baby 🥰.

The things of using wet wipes on babies bum is foreign 😂😂.

Here the madam was still friendly I was under a 3 months probation so If we didn’t like each other I could simply change house.

The tee am wearing was 20 rials back then that was 270 ksh 😭it wa pure cotton I still don’t know how those tukamba inside the tee are used for sambary tell us.

The kids are with the dad just on the side and she offered to take a picture of me very first so I could go back and play with the babies .

What you don’t see is me struggling to keep the tee in place each minute because it was oversize 😂😂😂yes you can’t wear fitting clothes , clothes that trace your body it’s haram.

What you don’t see is me hiding my matuta hair with the only kofia I had carried to make it worse it was black😭we were entering winter but still it was still extremely warm for a black Marvin.

What you don’t see is my underpits they are sweaty like hell😂😂😂here I had yet to discover the power of the dry roll ons you know the ones that you apply and they dry up your underpits kabisa those ones they work magic here.

Behind me is the famous Doha city 🥰.

I loved the country especially the buildings, in Kenya we have the safaris and animals in Qatar it’s the buildings ,the malls,the machines,they were a sight to behold for me.