Amount of money Mali Safi Chito made from her Song on YouTube


Mali Safi Chito is smiling all the way to the bank. The Marakwet Daughter uploaded the popular song on her YouTube channel 3 months ago, the song has so far attracted 7.9 million views. Majority of the views are from Kenya but over 20% of views are from diaspora. The singer has so far pocketed Ksh 1.1 million from YouTube.

The musician also received Ksh 700,000 from the government, she was the highest paid musician in 2023.She also acts as the MC and entertainer. Through her work, she has managed to make over Ksh 5 million within a year.

Mali Safi Chito is the only popular song in her YoTube.She has to release more hits for her to remain afloat.

Her online controversy over the past two weeks may impact on her negatively. However, she has to use the controversy to release new songs and move with the wave.