Tanzanian woman with beards narrates how beards have resulted to 10 years of dry spell, men don’t want her


A Tanzanian woman is in tears after experiencing 10 years of dry spell. The business lady has a bush of beards which are prominent on the face which now looks like that of a man.Anybody not keen enough would confuse her to be a man—but she is a woman.

The lady has narrated that initially, the beards were few, she made a mistake to shave them regularly, now they are all over her face. This has prompted men not to approach her. Most of them claim that she might be bisexual. Others belief that she might be a bad omen. As a result, she has never slept with a man for a decade.

The woman has a kid who is aged 14.Ever since she separated with the father of the kid,no any other man has had courage to approach her.She has tried to convince them that she only has one private organ, they are not interested.

“Nimejaribu hata kuwatongoza,hakuna anayenitaka”,she cried aloud

She reveals that it’s even more difficult to make sales in her shop because people only come to see her and not to buy.

The lady is now ready to grow old alone since the market is not ready for her.