Is it possible to win often in live betting at Melbet?


Most often, bettors prefer calm strategies in betting. There is a section with prematch at, where you can choose the right match in advance and prepare for it. If you have an account on the bookmaker’s website for a long time and have made soccer or other predictions more than once, you can move away from your usual strategy. The live tab can also interest the bettor. For example, the event is going on right now, so you won’t have to wait for the weekend to be able to make money. However, live betting is very complicated, so you need to be extremely careful and attentive.

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The first thing you should do is to find a quality sports broadcast, so here, unlike in prematch betting, you can see what will happen on the field. In this case, your task as a bettor will be to get ahead of the bookmaker in his reaction. You need to notice an important change in the match and make a prediction before the odds are lowered on this event.

Features of live betting selections at Melbet

Another difference between prematch and live betting is the difference in the market. The number of betting options in prematch is much larger than in live betting at Melbet. Therefore, there is less flexibility in strategies. Since the event is going on right now, you can win money literally in 10-15 minutes. It makes sense to try live betting on the following:

  1. Backing a losing team. This happens often in soccer, but it is more common in basketball. 
  2. Total of goals scored. You should do it when circumstances have changed – an important player has been removed or, on the contrary, a leader has entered the field.
  3. If the weather worsens, you can try to predict the total of less goals. The game becomes viscous on bad turf, with a lot of fouls and delays.

Without a quality live broadcast, it is very difficult to go for live betting, as the text broadcast is usually very delayed. It is not able to transmit what is happening on the field in detail, and you need it very much. If you can’t find a broadcast, it’s better not to risk your bank and just try to make a prediction in pre-match, using your usual strategy.  In some cases, live betting is used as a safety net. For example, if you bet on your team’s victory in advance, but you see that the game is not going well, you can make a reverse prediction in live mode and compensate for the loss.

Try your luck and you will definitely get success betting with Melbet!