How Lawyer Steve Ogolla Built houses for all his brothers and mother in the village(Photo)


Lawyer Steve Ogolla is not only flamboyant but a man with a good heart. The Nairobi based Lawyer grew up in a humble family. He had to repeat high school a couple of times before passing exams to enroll for a Law degree.

For the past 5 years he has been accumulating money, not for his children but to see his family living comfortably. The Lawyer was not ready to be the only successfully man in his family. In order to uplift his family, he decided to build houses to all his brothers and one big one for the mother. He ensured that the compound looks magnificent by using Cabro to cover the red soil which could be a menace during rainy season.

The Lawyer has just completed all the houses in the compound after spending over Ksh 30 million. Below is the photo of the beautiful compound: