Cost of Creating a Website in Kenya 2024


A website has 3 main components, domain name, web hosting space and Content Management System. The cost of creating a website in Kenya ranges between Ksh 5,000 and Ksh 15,000. Before thinking of designing a website, buy a domain name. Several companies offer domain name registration in Kenya. But we will direct you to the best companies for domain registration in Kenya.


Hostpinnacle is one of the best web hosting providers in Kenya, it’s relatively cheap. It offers domain registration and web hosting services. Their domain costs Ksh 999 per year and .com domain Ksh 1699 per year.

For Kenyan traffic, choose …but if you want traffic from the entire world, the best domain name extension is .com

After buying the domain name, proceed to buy hosting space. The cheapest hosting package for Hostpinnacle costs Ksh 2,999 per month. The combined cost of domain name registration and web hosting is Ksh 4,000. The next step is to design a website. Hostpinnacle will design a website for you for as low as Ksh 10,000 using WordPress template. If you add the price of domain name, web hosting and web design, you will pay a total of Ksh 14,000. Ultimately, the price of creating a website is approximately Ksh 15,000.

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Kenya Website Experts

Another good company to create a website with is Kenya Website Experts. Their domain name costs Ksh 999 while .com domain name costs Ksh 1,299.

For a new website, you require a cheap hosting package. The specific package is Startup which costs Ksh 4,100 per year. The cost of domain name and web hosting is Ksh 5,000. If you add the cost of web design, you will spend Ksh 15,000 to design a website.

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You can avoid the cost of web design by only buying a domain name and web hosting space. After buying, link your domain to a WordPress template. This way you will spend less than Ksh 6000 to create a new website.