Mammito Eunice roasted online by Kenyans after mocking Jowie Irungu


Mammito Eunice posted a video mocking Jowie Irungu immediately after Jowie was sentenced to death. The Butita ex-girlfriend was excited that Jowie won’t see the sun again. However, not every Kenyan was happy about her video.

Today the internet almost burst with anger as Kenyans pounced on her. Mammito had nowhere to hide but to show a brave face while hurting inside. Her response escalated things. Many Kenyans demanded Instagram to ban her account, they even lobbied for the government to take action on her.

Despite the troll, Mammito was not moved. Below is her response:

From our point of view, this controversy is good for her brand. The 30-year-old will increase her charges since she is on the limelight. Nearly all traffic is towards her account. Negative controversy pays, it has happened to Andrew Kibe, Akothee and many other celebrities. Nobody knew them until a dramatic event happened targeting them.