Brian Chira is Dead


Brian Chira is dead.The TikToker died yesterday night after being involved in an accident. Brian Wambui Chir,his real name, was drunk when the accident happened. His body was taken to City Mortuary, Nairobi.

Chira, who has been battling depression due to alcohol addiction and alcoholism. Brian is among young Kenyans who have gone public about their HIV status. He shocked Kenyans a couple of years ago when he confirmed that he was HIV positive. He is a common figure in TikTok.

Sources claim that Brian threw himself on the road where a vehicle run on him and killed him on the spot.

He schooled at Kabarak University.

Brian Chira’s parent died from HIV related complications. He was taken care of by his grandmother. But after completing high school, he became gay. It’s at this point that he also contracted HIV.He didn’t accept his status, as a result, he indulged in alcohol.

At one point, he was arrested after abusing Azziad.Well-wishers contributed and bailed him out.