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Who is Brian Chira? Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Kenyan TikToker


Brian Chira is dead. The TikToker died at exactly 4.00 am in Nairobi. He was drunk and staggering when an oncoming car hit him. His body was taken to City Mortuary, Nairobi.

For those hearing about Chira for the first time, here are the things you didn’t know about him.

He was gay

Chira publicly confirmed that he is gay. Friends describe him as a generous person who readily accepted male friends.

Biran’s real name and tribe

Brian Chira was born on 6 July 1996 in Githunguri, Kiambu.His real name is Brian Wambui Chir

He was an orphan

The TikToker’s mother died when Chira was an orphan. His grandmother raised him until he became an adult.

The mother died from HIV complications.

He is HIV positive

Brian contracted HIV through his friend. He contracted the disease in Mombasa as they were having fun. Chira couldn’t accept his status, he went into depression and later became alcoholic.

He masturbated openly

A video of him masturbating surfaced online where he was playing with his private parts. The video leaked on Telegram and it was shared widely.

His love for Andrew Kibe

Believe it or not,Brian claimed that he loves Andrew Kibe to the moon.He begged Kibe for a Kiss.So sad that they didn’t meet.

He loved alcohol

Brian drank any brand of alcohol. He spent at least Ksh 500 daily to consume alcohol.

During his last days he had lost a lot of weight, prompting his Tiktok followers to slow down so as to prolong his life.

Due to too much alcohol, he developed depression, leading to anger issues. Brian had regular outbursts which led to confrontation with his TikTok followers. At one time,Azziad took him to cell for insulting her. Brian was released on Ksh 50,000 cash bail.

Another TikToker Nyako had heated exchange with Brian in many occasions. Nyako eventually blocked him.

He is Kabarak Alumni

He pursued his undergraduate course at Kabarak University.His TikTok journey started in Nakuru.It’s in Nakuru where he developed the drinking habit.