Why Steve Simple Boy Collapsed on Stage during 10 over 10 show


Steve Simple Boy collapsed on stage yesterday 15/3/2024 while performing on stage. The musician was addressing the audience when the unfortunate happened. He was rushed to hospital where first aid was conducted which helped him regain his conscious. He was later given food and drinks.

This morning, Steve has spoken for the first time. He claims that the pressure is too much ever since he broke up with his manager. He has been silently battling depression. The musician has begged his manager to return and continue with his work, he argues that pressure is too much, that he cannot handle all the tasks.

Yesterday, Steve had events from morning until late at night.He only took breakfast. Due to fatigue, hunger and stress, he couldn’t manage to continue with the 10 over 10 show. It seems hunger contributed significantly to his restless state that led to the fainting.