Must Read!How Conmen are targeting career rich women in Kenya


Nowadays most men in Nairobi don’t want to work hard,they are targeting rich and career women to steal from them.Below is the trick they use to con those women.If you are a woman with money,this is something you can read and also share with your friends:

They like hanging out in high end joints in Kilimani,Kileleshwa,Milimani etc. Kutega. They know that any woman who walks to such places are some independent women most probably single mothers who have all their shit put together career wise, financially etc.

Once they see you walk in, they start monitoring you. They want to see what you are ordering, how you are talking to the waiters. Those men know how to spot monied women from a distance.

They mostly sit at the counter. Drinking some expensive drinks. They normally walk alone. No buddies, no friends just alone.

Once you have paid your first bill, they start seeing that kumbe you are a serious woman.

You order your cocktail (you know how expensive cocktails are in such joints) Once you have been served your Negroni, Moscow mule or whatever you ordered, they start a conversation.

You are an easy woman, sociable so you answer his greetings.  Then he asks you where you work. A trap.

If you are me you will answer gladly and very fast, “I work with Communication Authority of Kenya.” Smiling sheepishly.

These men know almost all the CEOs of all parastatals in the country so he will be like, “Aaah so and so is your CEO that’s a good buddy I was with him this evening. “

Women can be fooled so fast immediately you will think that the conman truly knows your boss.

He then invites you to his table. He goes through the cocktail menu and see that a glass of what you are drinking is 1500. So he sets aside some 5k in his budget for your drink.

You drink 3 glasses of cocktail and the bill is on him. You are a woman this will gladden your heart. Because we are women and any kind gesture from men make us feel special.

So while drinking you get talking.  Ako na kizungu kubwa. He tells you he lives in Lavington or any of these leafy suburbs.

You also tell him where you stay and he now start ganging you in a financial scale. Jackpot.

Then while talking to you he makes sure he talks about how he has won some tender worth Ksh. 500 Million. You fall for it.

He also makes sure that in his pocket, he has not less than 50k notes and some 10000 dollars.

The bill comes. It’s around 10k or so. He first removes the dollars, once you have seen the dollars he quickly says sorry and return it in the pocket. Then he removes the 50k notes, count 10k and give the waiter.

Then he gives you another 5k or 10k for cab if you don’t have a car.

He is chasing a monied, corporate woman, so zile story za kuna deal nangoja iivane za vijana wa Kayole hana.

You go home a Happy woman. They don’t even text or call you few days after meeting. They don’t want you to think they want you or they want to take advantage of you. Psychologists those ones.

Few weeks later they call or text. They suggest you meet in another joint may be in Lavington. 

The treat this time is more expensive than the previous one. He spends at least 50k on a sitting and he comes with a different car.

On this second meeting he starts telling you about himself especially family. Most probably they are always divorced and single dads who are looking for someone serious to marry.  Trap.

You are also a single mum,all you want is a beautiful marriage.  You have your money, your career is at the peak. So you tell him that. Kujifunga.

Within few months, the relationship is serious and in less than 5 months he wants to settle down. But kuna tender worth 2 billion he has won somewhere. He needs to supply building materials and he needs close to 500Million to do it.

He lacks 10Million only. So he tells you about it. This man has been taking good care of you for 5 months. He has been fueling your car, taking you out, buying you gifts so you feel like it’s time for you to “return hand” after all amesema anakuoa anything for your husband.

At this time he makes sure he has assured you of your ruracio and you have introduced him to all your friends and family. You don’t want anything to delay your much awaited marriage so you decide to give him to 10 millis.

Once you transfer the 10 Million to your King ni thup!! The King goes missing and the Kingdom scatters.

You remain there with your RURACIO gown, no husband, no wedding and 10Million gone.