Best affiliate Marketing programs in Kenya


Affiliate marketing is one way of making money online especially for content creators. In Kenya there are several companies offering high commission for marketers. Betting sites offer up to 50% commission. If you make a sale of Ksh 1 million, you will make Ksh 500,000.

Below we provide the list of the best affiliate marketing programs to register with in Kenya and start making money. Remember, you will market the product on your YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, blog or any other platform that drives traffic to those sites. However, promoting affiliate products through a blog is the best idea, because the conversions will be higher.

  • Kenya Website Experts

One of the best hosting companies in Kenya. It hosts over 50,000 websites.

The company pays 15% commission on every product you sell. The minimum withdrawal threshold is US$35.75

Kenya Website Experts is a good company to promote, you won’t be struggling to market their products because it’s already known by Kenyans.

Registration link:

  • Hostpinncle

Hostpinnacle offers generous commissions to marketers. They pay as high as Ksh 5,000 per client.

Here are the commissions paid for each sale:

Hosting PackageHow much the client paysHow much you get
Starter Hosting PackageKES 2,999/yrKES 750
Standard Hosting PackageKES 3,999/yrKES 1,750
Executive Hosting PackageKES 10,999/yrKES 5,000
Hosting Only PackageKES 1,999/yrKES 500

The minimum withdrawal threshold is $6.25

Once the threshold is reached, request Hostpinnacle for the payment. The good thing is that they pay via Mpesa.

Registration link :

  • Host Africa

Another good affiliate program in Kenya is Host Africa. It offers 5% commission on each successful referral you make.

You get Ksh 3,500 bonus just for signing up.

Assuming that you refer a client who buys D3 server that costs Ksh 26,000 per month. You will make 5% of this amount which translates to Ksh 1,300.If you make 100 sales per month, you will go home with 130,000.

Minimum payout threshold is Ksh 7,000.

Affiliate registration link:

  • 1XBET

1XBET is so far the best affiliate program in Kenya.They pay 25% to 45% commission on each sale.Most content creators in Africa are monetizing with this affiliate program.

1XBET pays commissions every week and their minimum threshold is $30.

These guys are genuine and generous.

1XBET registration link:

  • 22Bet

Another company with high commissions.22Bet minimum monthly threshold is $50.Their commissions range between 25% and 45%. They pay via Skrill.

Registration link:

  • Jumia

Jumia is one of the e-commerce sites in Kenya with an affiliate program. They pay up to 9% commission on every sale.

You can promote their products through social media, YouTube and from your blog.

Since Jumia is not a new site, generating sales won’t be a difficult task.

  • Truehost

They pay a commission of 10% on each sale. Minimum payout Threshold is Ksh 2,000.

Once the threshold is reached, request withdrawal via the website. Money will be sent to your phone via Mpesa.

Registration link:

So far those are the best affiliate marketing programs in Kenya. The type of program to choose will depend on your niche. Sports and web hosting niches are the best.