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Kipyegon Sigor Trending Video


There is a video trending on social media where 6 men are having sex with 1 lady. The men waited until the lady was drunk and took her to one room, they had sex with her in turns. The lady was totally drunk and could not give consent.

The video is trending on Telegram. If you want to watch it, visit Telegram and type,”Kipygon Sigor”.You will find the video which is 3 minutes long.The six men are even helping each other to penetrate the lady.

We are reliably informed that before they started raping the lady, they bought alcohol and ensured that she is drunk before that she is drunk.

Already, some of them have been arrested and they will be charged in the court of law. Rape is one of the worst cases in Kenya, it will take them to jail for more than 20 years.

Due to restrictions, we will not post the video here, but you will get it on Telegram.