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Ferdinand Omanyala wife photos


Ferdinand Omanyala is arguably the greatest sprinter in the history of Kenya.He has won several races, making him one of the richest athletes in the country. The Luhya man is married and blessed with 1 kid.

Omanyala’s wife goes by the name Laventa Amutavi.They met while the sprinter was in Nairobi University. At one time, Omanyala confessed that his wife was paying rent for him and even buying food and giving him pocket money.The two have been together in peace until 2024 when rumour circulated that he was cheating on her with another lady.

According to the rumour, Omanyala was training with the said woman in a gym when he liked her.The two started dating.The relationship blossomed until the woman’s boyfriend discovered. The boyfriend leaked Omanyala’s chats to the public.The sprinter has not denied or confirmed the rumour.

Here are the photos of Ferdinand Omanyala’s wife: