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Betty Kyallo joins TV 47. Here is the salary she is going to earn


Betty Kyallo is set to join TV47, days after closing her salon at Kilimani.The beautiful journalist will officially report to work in May 2024.Her monthly salary has been confirmed to be Ksh 850,000.

Before joining TV47 Betty was running an executive salon, Flair, at Kilimani.Due to mismanagement, the salon started making losses. Betty was unable to pay rent, forcing her to close it. The owner opted to auction the products in the salon to recover the rent arrears.

The journalist opened another salon at Upper Hill. It has not picked well but she hopes to market it and attract high end customers.But due to the bad experience she had with the closed one,she wants to diversify her sources of income,which is why she had accepted an offer from TV47.

Here is the net salary she will be taking home monthly:

Jul 2023-Jun 2024
Gross Pay 850,000.00
  NSSF (Tier I)420.00 
  NSSF (Tier II)1,740.00 
  Housing Levy12,750.00 
Total Deductions 271,069.35
Net Pay 578,930.65
PAYE Information:  
Gross Pay 850,000.00
Allowable Deductions 2,160.00
Taxable Pay 847,840.00
Personal Relief 2,400.00
Insurance Relief 255.00
Affordable Housing Relief 1,913.00

She will be earning a net salary of Ksh 578,930.65