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Shocking ways Kenyan women are using Okra Water


Okra water is hot cake in Kenya at the moment as women find a new way of trapping men.During chamas and meetings which are attended by women only,they are informed of the usefulness of Okra water.

Millions of Kenyans are drinking Okra water daily because they believe it lubricates their private parts to make them smooth and slippery so as men can enjoy fully.They drink 1 cup of Okra water daily.

Majority of women say that the water is working magic.

“mimi tangu nianze kutumia haya maji,my husband wants me daily.He doesn’t struggle to enter because niko slippery vizuri.I also enjoy so much”,one of the women narrated.

Another one claims that she started drinking the water last month and already she has witnessed tremendous changes.”I used to struggle kuwet but siku hizi ananiguza tu hivi nishawet.I enjoy a lot”.

Many women are convinced that they have finally found magic solution to a perennial problem.They will be using the water forever….but will it prevent men from cheating?!!

Women claim that okra water is like Mukombero to them.Inaamsha mautamu.