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Kenyan women share experience of using Okra water


Kenyan women have shared their experiences of using Okra water which is believed to lubricate them. There is widespread use of the water among women who have been dry for a long time. They believe it’s the right time to make their men happy by using the okra water to make sliding inside easy.

These are the testimonies from women:

Wambui Ngugi  ·

“I’ve been taking it for years soaked in water it’s good for sugar levels and inflammation i can’t eat it it’s slimmy especially chewing it, the hullabaloo around i don’t believe it”

Anne Kinyua  ·

Actually its very good for older people and regulates sugar in people with diabetes, inaongeza girithi kwa knees

Nyawira Njenga

Okra is more beneficial for sugar levels management. Hizo zingine ya mtelezo ata yenyewe inashangaa

Ycul WC

I tried once inaonja kama dhambi,haikupita ata kwa koo🥴🥴🙄,heko kwa wale wanawezana

Suzanna Ngoie

But Mabenda /Okra is eaten in Mombasa mijikendas meal I grew up in Mombasa used to eat Mabenda up to date hizi mehemehe ndio mnafika nazo Nairobi za kutafuta contents na likes Z generation though

Those are comments from Facebook by women who have experienced Okra water.

We also interviewed other women. Rebecca who lives in Nairobi says that she has been drinking okra water for 3 months now but she cannot see any major difference. She believes that lubrication is psychological. When a woman is not happy and settled, she takes more time to lubricate.

Njoki from Nyeri is not even bothered to use this water because she believes Cabbage is enough. She is fully lubricated by cabbage.