Photo of Lynn Ngugi when she was working as a waitress in Middle East


Lynn Ngugi is one of the most accomplished journalists in Kenya,she has risen from being a waitress to her current status where she is making over Ksh 800,000 per month.Below she narrates how she was a waitress in the Middle East and what inspired her to return to Kenya:

“This picture was taken few years ago while I was working as a waitress/barista in the middle east, a job I loved so much and gave my all. We worked 6 days a week and the hours were something else..but that’s a story for another day..

Turudi kwa picha. Now, on this day, my friend Mary had done amazing makeup on me and the main reason for the look, ( nilikuwa pia na ka blazer ka pink) was to record something for my YouTube channel, but when time came, I was so overwhelmed with emotions, singeweza..I just wanted to come back home and take a risk on my dream ( hosting and producing shows) . Tuseme tu Luku ilienda hivo

That night, I called my mom around 2am crying and told her I wanted to come back home, and she told me to not even think twice..if that’s what I wanted, then her door will always be open ( Mom, you know how much I love you, najua uko fb na utaona)

Moving forward, years later I came back home and everything went dark ( there is an entire story on my YouTube channel on that) but I thank God for such a strong support system.

I was determined to rise and everyday I still take crazy risks because there is never an easy way out.

Whatever your dream is, fight for it, do those odd jobs people despise and keep putting in the work, one day it will pay get to learn a lot of things in the process.

My job as a waitress taught me so much.

Kindness, gratitude ( asanteni watu mnapeanga wengine tips) , patience ( some people will tell you kahawa yao inaoja chumvi, tengeneza ingine utokee story mob) and the importance of saving the small coins you get( usiishi maisha si yako na usihamie Kileleshwa juu ya pressure)

Thought I would share because I keep telling my guests vulnerability is not weakness and I love keeping it rea”